Just now:

At my local coffee shop, enjoying a nice afternoon brew when all of a sudden this fat old bastard starts shouting at one of the baristas to come over and clean up the tables.

Fair enough. No problems there. But then the fat fucker ever so gruffly shoves a 1000PhP bill in the barista’s hand and commands him to go get a sandwich and a coffee.

This is a little bit more out of the ordinary, so I have a closer look at the cunt. He’s probably in his mid 60s, 5-foot-8. Blue barong, black pants, and black loafers. Respectable enough except that the overall vibe to him is shitbag, with his short pudgy fingers, accentuated by a big, conspicuous wrist watch that’s designed to grab attention. It’s glittering in the afternoon sun, along with several rings, and a heavy gold chain necklace.

He obviously likes to show off his wealth, but this alone wouldn’t be enough of a reason for me to post about the arrogant fucker. No. He raps at my table, and asks, “Hey, you! Korean?”.

I glance at him and then go back to my book. He now bangs at my table, “I’m talking to you! Japanese? Korean?”

“Chinese”, I reply. Then go back to reading, trying hard not to notice him. A few minutes later he’s joined by another guy who also looks like a reject from a 70s movie. Oiled, slicked back hair. Bad dye job. Thick horn rimmed glasses. A moustache that should be a Class 1 criminal offence.

Immediately behind cunt number two are some women. Or should I say 2 girls who look barely out of highschool, and 1 more portly woman probably in her 30s. The 2 girls are dressed in all white, tshirts and cut off shorts. The sort that shows your fanny. They’re in heavy make up, the foundation a few shades too white for their dark skin. The blush on their cheeks a bit too red to be innocent. The older woman is in a black tube top, looking overly dressed for a 5pm meet and greet at some coffee shop in the middle of nowhere. They all smell of cheap perfume.

“Are those the girls?” fat cunt number 1 asks in Filipino. “Yes,” the movie reject answers. Then, the fat cunt grabs the older woman and pulls her in to sit on his lap. He starts tickling her, and I assume grabs a feel on her breasts.

“There are people here”, she laughs through her half hearted protests, still in Filipino. “Don’t worry, he’s a dirty chink. He doesn’t understand us.” He used the word “intsik beho”, which roughly translates to “dirty Chinaman”.

You’ve now really grabbed my attention.

“Ah, in that case, good, but we still haven’t finished talking about my child support” she says matter of factly.

The movie reject asks his friend “You like? They’re pretty aren’t they? And young!” The girls start giggling. Their chatter obviously marking them as provincial strumpets. Nothing fresher off the boat. Fat bastard answers, “Yes definitely young, and this one’s mine,” pointing to the one near him even while the older lady is still on his lap.

They all stand up but are still hovering about, discussing which hotel in the red light district they should go to when I look at the girls and say in Filipino, “Oh, are you guys leaving? Better hurry up, it’s almost rush hour.”

They leave in a huff.


I hate this country.