So, I had dinner with a friend of mine last night. Great guy. Intelligent little Jewish boy who’s better with words than he is with numbers, but still spot on with macro-analysis and general bullshit.

We got to talk about us starting a book. When the Chinese and the Jews come together, the whole world will crumble! Mwahahahaha.

Anyway, on the way back, I was thinking about the various books I’d bought but hadn’t read. Books that I would readily file under the “armchair economics” category. While I was doing said thinking, I subconsciously walked myself into a shoe store. I had, after all, long been looking for a nice pair of sneakers.

The last pair I’d bought were these black, low-cut, Chuck Taylor All-Star knockoffs. Only 50RMB from the ChengDu Lu fake markets in Shanghai. 50RMB, what could go wrong?!

Everything, apparently. By the end of the 2nd month, the glue-work around the soles had come loose, stitching around the seams started to fray, and my left food was enjoying this nice breezy draft coming in from a coin sized rip running along the side. Only to be expected. 50RMB! Like I said, what could go wrong?!

So yeah, back to the shoe store. I was looking now at what I could only assume was a pair of original All-Stars (399HKD) sitting beside an what I would only expect to be fakes (99HKD). I didn’t buy either, but the funny thing was I was strongly leaning towards getting a pair of the more expensive ones.

It was almost as if having tried and liked the style of the fake Chuck’s, I was just hankering to step it up and get a pair of the real ones. Could it be that shanzai goods are Gateway Products, leading consumers down the long road of capitalist debauchery?

Would buying a NOKLA (yes, I’ve seen those) make one want to eventually buy a proper NOKIA?

A study is called for, I would think.